Shakti’s Soul Food

Rose Cacao & Carrot cakes for treats

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Witches brew
Chai ingredients ✨

Immune booster 🌀

• green cardamom
• Reishi mushroom
• Lions mane Mushroom
• Fennel seeds
• Cinnamon
• Cloves
• Ginger
• Star of aniseeds
• Water
• Oat milk

Drink daily for immunity, kills parasites, heavy metal detox, anti viral, etc.
Superfood smoothie
Organic banana
Organic spinach
Organic oranges
Organic apple juice
Macha powder
Lions mane mushroom powder
Shakti’s soul food
Shakti’s Soul Food 💓
Energy Ballz
Organic gluten free Oats
Chia seeds
Sunflower seeds
Pumpkin seeds
Hemp seeds
Mix nuts
Peanut butter
Organic raw honey
Organic raw cacao
secret magic ingredient 🌈
Space Connection Conscious Creations
Shakti’s Soul food:
Superfood wellness smoothie;
• Watermelon
• Organic banana 🍌
• apple juice
• chai seeds
• Hemp seeds
• Organic Baobab powder
• Organic Maca root powder
Contains, Electrolytes;
Heavy metal detox
Organic source of vitamin C;
Very high in fibre & antioxidants;
Omega 3
Plant power
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Mushroom Healing

Foraging in the forest, we found some Turkey tail, & Chicken of the Woods medicinal mushrooms 🍄 to make witches brew tea. These mushrooms have anti cancer properties.

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