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New Earth is an independent Conscious,Creative Arts initiative, no state funding is applied for.

New Earth is a grassroots project, created by independent Artists, Musicians, Holistic Practitioners, & skilled creative community.

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to build New Earth,
With Gratitude 🙏🏽❤️

Thanks to all the community contacting New Earth, we are inundated with messages, & will reply to everyone. Thank you to all who have donated so far. Please contact New Earth directly to donate;

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New Earth Tribal Gathering is Ireland’s independent Artistic, Musical, & cultural gathering of indigenous communities. A celebration of an organic way of living & co-creating with honour, Respect & in accordance with the laws of Mother Nature.

A grassroots movement created by conscious artists, Lightworkers, & visionaries, building the New Earth we wish to create for our children, & the 7 generations ahead.

A community Tribe of conscious Starseeds, Light beings, healers, Yogies, artists, & musicians, who share a vision of a utopian better world.

At New Earth, we believe that Mother Nature provides everything we need to live abundantly, & consciously, we do not condone the use of alcohol or chemicals, & care for all living beings & animals, living in awareness, in Christ consciousness, we eat organic plant based diets. This ethos is a way of life to be respected within the commUnity, & as a basis in which to be invited to join the New Earth Tribe.

A conscious gathering of Tribes, who are on the Ascension journey to 5D & beyond.

Are you ready to step into a brave new world, & build New Earth?

If yes, join us… find your Tribe.

Earlybird tickets €111 on sale until end of April ‘22 ❤️☀️👇🏾


New Earth Earlybird ticket

1 weekend camping New Earth


All funds raised will go towards building New Earth, buying land, planting seeds & providing for the commUnity, with so much gratitude. 🙏🏽❤️

New Earth

A New Earth with Ancestral Values
Feature your Stage, Act, Performances @ New Earth
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26-28 August’22

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New Earth will feature Two stages, of the best independent music on the Island of Ireland 🇮🇪

Campfire sessions will be exclusively for Live Music performances, listen to the sweet sounds of melodic live music by sacred campfire 🔥 ❤️🔥❤️🔥

Electro stage will be New Earths DJ stage, with all our favourite Toe Tapping Choons, enough to make you dance for 3 full days, & 3 nights over the weekend 26-28 August’22, to the wee small hours of the late nights.

New Earth Wellness Sanctuary will be a divine space to heal, relax & rejuvenate, with so many educational workshops, including Yoga, Meditation, Shamanic Drum journey, Drum Circle, to name a few, & featuring a relaxing Sauna. 🔥❤️🔥

Are you ready to dance in a massive field for 3 days with the New Earthers?

Book New Earth tickets now ✨👇🏾 we have decided to cap the tickets price at €111 for fun ❤️👇🏾
New Earth Music presents; Beó Hill Music.

Irish Traditional musical duo from Sligo.

Joanna & Darren hail from Rivertown, Co. Sligo, Ireland. Their music is deeply rooted in the North Connaught Style of traditional playing with folk classics which has been described as fast paced, full of swing, rhythmic & flowing. Multi- instrumentalists, just completed the MA in Irish Traditional Music Performance at the University of Limerick, primarily focusing on Tin Whistle, fiddle, bodhrán and voice.

New Earth weekend camping tickets available on the website, book yours now ✨👉🏽
New Earth Music Presents:

Alex Zander

DJ Alex Zander has been playing out all around the world since the late 90’s with his own unique blend of house music and dance classics from hip-hop through to drum and bass, he’s been known to pull out absolute bass driven bombs on the dance floor.

Now living in Ireland, having the honor of DJing at such prestigious events like Electric Picnic and legendary venues such as The Buttom Factory, Pygmalion, Bow Lane Social Club and many more, & soon to play @ New Earth Tribal Gathering. ✨

Alex Zander also hosts his own bi-weekly radio show called ‘Electronique’ Monday nights 10-Midnight on PheverFM, where he will interview Shakti Ji soon, to talk about New Earth & play some wicked tunes.

New Earth tickets here 🔥👇🏾
New Earth Music presents;

Samuel Blake
A talented Irish Producer and Director at CTMF Records.
Content creator of Charlie Blake music. Playing a variety of styles to get you dancing from EDM, Glitch, Downtempo & Techno. Catch Samuel Blake playing a set at the Electric stage @ New Earth.

Check out some sounds by Samuel Blake here 👉🏽

New Earth weekend camping tickets are available on the website @ €111

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New Earth presents;
Drum Dance Ireland.

Welcome to our world of drumming where the star of the show is YOU.

Drum Dance Ireland offers interactive drum shows, a drum dance show, large size drum circles with 50 djembes, plus workshops and playshops for all age groups and organisations. Interaction.

DrumDance is an easy-to-follow dance fitness workout where participants can follow our dance instructor along to popular songs while simultaneously playing drums which creates enormous power and energy. DrumDance is fun & suitable for all ages and abilities. 40 bass drums plus drum sticks are provided.’

‘Come and join Chico Boom & Bella Hoolie for a drumming extravaganza you won’t forget. Fully packed with games and activities that are fun for everyone this 45mins. interactive show will leave you with a smile and the certainty that everyone plays an important part in this drum circle with a difference. Express yourself, laugh and sing with everybody else.

New Earth weekend camping Tickets here 👉🏽
New Earth music presents;
Micheál Ó Dálaigh, a multi-instrumentalist Artist & Healer, with a live performance of the Handpan, for its healing potency, through codes & frequencies.
In his recordings, Michael combines the Handpan with Guitar, Sacred Chanting, and percussion, & is incorporating the Didgeridoo aswell into the new Music Called ‘Sovereign’.
New Earth music presents;

Michael De Souza, a 24 year old Musician/Producer/Rapper from the south coast of England. His music is cantered around social, environmental, and governmental issues in knowing the power of music and its ability to create change. Hip hop and grime instrumentals created by Michael lay the foundation for his lyrics on Spirituality, Veganism and Self Help. If you love loud bass and lyrics that come from the heart, he is travelling to perform for the New Earthers, & you won’t want to miss this!
New Earth Campfire Sessions presents; Live music by David Boland

David is a multi disciplinary artist based in Greystones, Co. Wicklow. His music is rooted in folk with an alternative twist. Through his artistic expression of personal experience and insight in song, David entertains and inspires healing on both an individual and collective level.

Listen to David’s divine music here 👇🏾

New Earth early bird tickets here 👇🏾
New Earth Wellness Sanctuary presents;

Marie Angeline Lascaux
Director Springintolife
Author “Inner Gift, A guide to Self Healing”

Laughter Yoga bypasses the intellectual systems that normally act as
brake on natural laughter.
Here is a clip of my interview with Nicky Byrne and Jeny Green on RTE

Am invitation to allow participants to gradually to be more playful.
The more you allow yourself to laugh and be playful, the more likely you
are to experience genuine and contagious laughter.
Laughter in its simplest form is a series of deep inhalations and
exhalations. The session ends with a Laughter Meditation and guided
Participants feel connected to each other after laughing together and
this invites continued conversation after the session has officially

Earlybird tickets available on the website
New Earth Wellness Sanctuary Presents; Past Life Regression Workshop, by Emma Smith.

Emma is a certified Quantum Healing Hypnosis Technique Practitioner (QHHT) & Accredited Life Coach. She facilitates one to one hypnosis & past life regression sessions (Dolores Cannon Method) to those that are looking to explore various aspects of their consciousness, past lives, current life & even future life,& will help you receive your own inner guidance & wisdom from your higher self & explore other lifetimes in this quantum healing session.

Join this past life regression workshop & explore past lives, future lives & get to meet your spirit guide or guardian angel. Receive messages & healing to help you on your journey.

Emma is passionate about helping people find peace, balance, & meaning in their life,& has focused on Dolores Cannon’s teachings and this technique for 3 years,& is now ready to bring it to you for you to have this great opportunity for healing,balance,joy and alignment.

Tickets 👉🏽
Ed Durand is a bard who has discovered the power of poetry and sacred songs in nature and has shared them for ten years. He will be offering a Poetree Walk, reading poems about trees in the woods. You are welcome to share your favourite tree poem as well. He will also be sharing Sacred Songs from Around the World where we will sing together sacred songs, chants and kirtans in sacred space.
26/27/28 AUGUST’22
New Earth are seeking fresh energy ,
Live acts:
Yoga Guides;
Event crew;
Workshop facilitators;
Circus performers;
Great new for under 12 New Earthers, when accompanied by an adult, kids go free!

Early bird tickets are available on the Space Connection website
New Earth Conscious Gathering

New Earth,
Everywhere We go, We grow…

To Join the New Earth community, get involved by sending Shakti a message @spaceconnection_
Are you an Artist, Musician, performing artist, Yogi, Healer, Enlightened being, & want to build New Earth?

Do you host a workshop, sell crafts, play music, build/ work @ festivals, know or want to know how to live off grid?

Do you own land, and wish to start a community, grow organic food, & establish creative community spaces? Let us know 👉🏽 newearthtribalgathering@

This is our vision for New Earth, we are fundraising for land. In the vision, the community live together in harmony with Mother Nature. Our children grow up together. We grow food, & form our own council, live in common law, & don’t need to answer to the fake self elected government. New Earth awaits… Space Connection
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