15 minute war zones

Why do they need 15 minute cities?

It seems likely that WW3 is looming, & likely to break out involving many European countries.

Ireland is set to loose its neutrality, & become a buffer zone for military.
As the Irish face genocide, chances are Ireland will be unrecognisable in a few years, we may see more & more Ukraine flags 🇺🇦 & less & less Irish 🇮🇪

UN military are awaiting deployment, are stationed all over the Island of éiRe, & Russia are still parked in our waters. 🇮🇪

There are enough psy ops & false flags at play to distract everyone from what’s really happening.

What is really happening?
Why do we 15 minute war zones?

Covid was a hoax to train everyone in lockdown, preparing us for the great reset, digital IDs, cashless AI society. Get ready to live under total totalitarian communism. Times up.

Are we growing food?


New Earth is here 👉🏽 newearth.ie

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