New Earth wellness sanctuary

New Earth wellness sanctuary presents: Breathe With Aoife @breathewithaoife
Aoife Rafter Breathwork
Living with a life-threatening lung disease (Cystic Fibrosis) her whole life & battling Cervical Cancer at 27, gave her the many breakdowns She needed in order to have many breakthroughs! Through these breakthroughs, Aoife discovered the power of Active Breathwork.
Before becoming unwell with Cancer, Aoife studied & worked with individuals with complex health + psychological challenges.This combined with her unique experience of the breath, has greatly informed her practice as a Breathwork + Wellness coach. She guides breathers in Breathwork Journeys to activate their inner healing abilities, release suppressed traumas, emotions & memories, give mental clariry & a deep connection to themselves, Mother Earth & all other living things.
Aoife also hosts Podcasts; We Share, We Grow; in which she interviews other Wellness Experts, in order to share & grow from their support.
New Earth 24-28 August’23
tickets available now 💚👇🏽

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