5D truths

5D truth ☀️

It’s ok to realise that not everyone is our vibrational match, because not everyone will ascend or evolve.

It’s perfectly acceptable to walk away from those who are stuck in delusional realities, clinging on to their ego, emotionally unavailable, & refusing to heal or grow.

The universe is showing us now, who’s who, & what’s what.
Be grateful, give thanks 🙏🏽

As we raise our vibration, lower vibrational entities will disappear from our lives, because we vibrate away from them. They will no long match our frequency, because we change & they don’t.

On the path of ascension, anything that’s not of Truth & Love, will be unearthed, & we will see people & situations for exactly what they are.
Rose tinted glasses come off.

New Earth can’t maintain the same frequency as old Earth, anything not of God, truth & Love, will be eradicated, will be seen, will be left behind. Let it go.

Those who are ready to take the evolutionary quantum leap to higher better timelines, will have to go through a dark night of the soul, and heal wounds & shadows. Shadow work cannot be avoided to get to 5D, but if you do spiritually bypass it, you will remain in the constant loop of death & rebirth, in the 3D holographic simulation.

5D isn’t for everyone, we will have to part with many ppl, who are stuck in ego traps of 3D delusions.

Remain present, rooted & grounded, & keep boundaries up, because every dark force will come at you, to stop the truth from surfacing, & the kundalini energy rising, you will be tested, & lessons will be repeated, until they are learned.

It’s ok to leave toxic situations, & unhealthy habits in 3D, if we want to expand our Christ consciousness. It’s necessary to transcend the ego, & any attachments to shed the light body.

Remain present, balanced, committed & focused in a daily discipline of prayer & healing, with God as our focus, to reach higher states of enlightenment, but always remain humble.

Not everyone has this stamina, but you do, so put you first, and be unapologetic in your growth & ascension.

Practice non attachment, & have no expectations.

Not everyone will make it, but those who do are here to build the New Earth.


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