New Earth is Sovereign

New Earth éiRe is Ireland’s only independent grassroots
Arts & Music festival.

New Earth éiRe is sovereign,
that means we will never ask the Tyrannical government for anything.
As an independent movement,
New Earth creates a platform for
independent artists to perform &
Showcase their music, arts & crafts.
This year, New Earth éiRe has expanded to a 5 day/5 night music festival.
With an epic line up of the most magical,Awakened performing artists, transcending the 3D matrix to uplift & awaken the audience with uncensored, raw & uncut lyrics, live performance acts, workshops & enlightened talks etc.
To build the New Earth vision, bring together commUnity, & grow organic food, we are creating this event as a fundraiser. We dream Big @ New Earth, & are actively creating the 5D reality we envision for our children.
If this resonates, & you have realised New Earth, get your Earlybird tickets now ☀️👉🏽
Exit the Matrix
Find the Others ✨
New Earth is a
Space Connection production ☀️

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