New Earth is a conscious space

New Earth is a conscious gathering, bringing the unconscious into Consciousness.

New Earth aims to build the bridge, to provide a safe space for healing, from addiction, into recovery.

There’s no alcohol served @ New Earth, & we don’t condone the use of chemicals, that includes in the food & drink we serve too. Although everyone has free will & choice.

New Earth is a festival of higher consciousness, offering educational workshops, Wellness Sanctuary, & we put our focus on the children, who are at the core centre of everything we do, as we are building this New Earth for them.

Showcasing conscious independent musicians & live acts, Energy healing, & an eclectic mix of artists, it’s sure to entertain every family.

New Earth is an ongoing project, the festival is a fundraiser to build this project,grow organic food for the communities involved,& provide a safe space for alternative & holistic events, retreats, building an eco & self sustainable environment,& cultural hub.

Do you want to be a part of this magical initiative?

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