No discrimination no segregation

Divide & conquer is real.
Be wary of any belief or ideology that promotes division between you & your fellow human beings.

Big protests today, fuelled with fear, anger, hate & division.

We protested for our freedom, & were called anti vaxers, we were segregated, demonised, and outcasts of society.

How fast the tables turned.

The vaccinated & anti vax have now United to segregate & demonise another minority vulnerable group, & counter protests against them. Everyone shouting, nobody wants to hear the other side.

It achieves absolutely zero results, only validation for fear & hate, on all sides.

Children & adults are dying from the mRNA gene therapy, but these same protestors don’t care about protesting about that.

Nobody’s protesting at the Dáil.
Nobody’s stopping the implementation of cashless society, digital IDs, & QR codes to enter shops to get food.
The anti immigration protests are a big smoke screen, & a massive distraction to the genocide & totalitarian takeover. Did you take the bate? Remember our chant? “No discrimination no segregation “

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