Food @ New Earth

FIRE & FEAST is an Ethical street food mobile catering unit, serving food only cooked over eco charcoals, from a specially designed BBQ & Smoker. To ensure our low footprint on the environment we only use compostable and biodegradable packaging and eco cleaning products

Fire & Feast only uses ethically sourced meat to bring customers the best local produce from free ranging out door pigs, organic venison to grass fed beef, ensuring that the animals are as close to their natural habitat as possible, having the highest standards of welfare, whilst building strong relationships with local farmers and producers; ensuring fair and ethical trade.
Fire & Feast’s menu varies from the different events and markets, but we always have our homemade Chakalaka sauce, Chakalaka is a South African traditional spiced tomato sauce, it’s smoky, spicy and sweet and goes with any of our meat or vegan dishes.
For the Vegans we create our own dishes, this ensures that all our food is ethical, made from natural chemical free Irish ingredients, such as the Umami vegan burger with Ballyhoura Mountain wild mushrooms, seasoned with seaweed giving a fifth taste sensation of Umami.
New Earth • 24-28 August’23 • tickets available on the website
Music by Drumspyder

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