Are we allowed ask questions about Ukraine 🇺🇦?

Ukrainian soldiers are being trained all over the world, why would that be allowed? In USA, UK, Poland. Germany, Australia, etc. 🇺🇦
Are Ukrainian soldiers being trained in Ireland?
Are UN & NATO military still in Ireland? 🇮🇪

At the same time, most countries who are helping Ukraine, are doing so by sending more weapons & military tanks. Surely countries not involved in the Ukrainian v Russia war, would promote peace, not encourage war?

Somethings are not adding up about the situation in Ukraine.

Like, have you noticed, the high amount of expensive brand new Ukrainian cars being driven to Ireland, by so called refugees?
How do refugees have better cars than the local Irish, who are falling into poverty?
Who pays for fuel to drive from Ukraine to Ireland, to house Ukrainians, before the 12k Irish homeless?

Are we allowed to ask questions, or should we trust the one world economic forum government ?

RiseUp Éireann

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