No alcohol, no chemicals

✨11 years ago I made a commitment to stop drinking alcohol, & stop taking chemical drugs, to heal myself.
✨That was New Years 2012,
After a monumental trip, in India, which activated my Kundalini, & brought on an intense spiritual awakening.
✨I exchanged unconsciousness for consciousness, I stopped going on the sessions, & started meditating every day, & eating an organic veggie diet.
I made a bucket list of all the things I wanted to do, & did them.
✨That’s when I sat with my trauma, in a deep meditation discipline, & started healing myself.
✨So far, so good. 2012-2023
✨Mother Nature, & the sun ☀️ provides all we need in abundance, for source connection.
✨I realised I was still great craic sober, & could still have fun without getting waisted on chemical drugs & alcohol.
✨ Give up alcohol, & the chemicals will go naturally.
It blocks our chakra system, & is poison to the body mind & soul.
✨ Reach higher states of consciousness by making the unconscious, conscious.
✨ It’s the Best thing I ever did.
✨ Are you considering having a sober January, for New Years resolutions?
When you do accomplish that, & you will, why not stretch it to February, & keep saying no, & stay off alcohol.
✨Heal & be healthy, sober.
✨Stay connected ✨👉🏽 @space_connection_
✨Book a session with Shakti on the website;
✨New Earth encourages sobriety ✨👉🏽 @new_earth_eire

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