There’s no place like Home

Went to the local playground in Tralee yesterday,we were the only locals there, although it was very busy with families, none of them were Irish, nobody was speaking English, and so none of the children were playing together, with the lack of communication.There were 8 families, we were the only Irish family, with 7 families from different places, I couldn’t work out where because of so many different languages being spoken, some were Ukrainians, but can’t say where the rest were from.
5 things struck me,
• None of the children were playing together, failure to communicate.
•There was nobody speaking Irish,Soon there would be nobody speaking English in ireland.
• None of these people cared for the land,had no attachment to Ireland,therefore,would never defend the land.
• Parents were smoking in the playground,they didn’t care that this was clearly a non smoking area,with children playing.
• That we were a minority in our own town,& we were massively outnumbered.
RiseUp Éireann is on telegram, join now 👇🏽
Space Connection is also found on telegram & rumble 👉🏽 @space_connection_

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