New Earth sponsorship

New Earth is currently being built, & is in need of independent sponsorship, to expand & continue,
as this is a non government funded project.

New Earth is a vision, to bring commUnity together, & build the world we dream of for our children, & their children.

New Earth is a worldwide movement, of the 144k lightworkers, coming together to build a prophetic vision, a place of CommUnity, Love, Support, Self sufficiency, a Spiritual space, to explore, connect, express, a welcoming home.

New Earth Ireland hosts holistic, & alternative events, & is aiming to be a self sufficient project, to live off grid, in community, growing organic gardens, creating independent music & arts festivals, & expanding this worldwide network.

New Earth has an artists collective, showcasing the best of independent artists around. Creating a platform for live music performances, artistic creativity, connecting with our commUnity, & a celebration of our culture.
With loving creative collaborations, from worldwide talented Light-beings, Many people are being drawn to this project, & so we need more utilities, & infrastructure to support this ever expanding build.

There’s an magnetic pull of people power, with most of our posts going viral online, reaching massive numbers on social media channels, despite censorship obstacles, we receive increasingly large amounts of interest, emails & inquiries.

Email here 👉🏽

We have the the use of large areas of land,
we have the people,
we need Sponsorship.

To build the best project,
& to put on the best show we can,
much tools, materials, skilled supporter’s,
& help is needed, to build infrastructure, & buy/ rent equipment, that we need to build New Earth, build an alternative educational system, with Farm school for homeschooled youth, & potentially raise enough to own a portion of this land, for the New Earth community. We dream Big @ New Earth.

The entire project is independently funded, by committed crew members, & by event ticket sales, which often can be unpredictable, so that’s why we are asking for sponsors, & donations now, so we can continue to get the stuff we need,
to do the required work @ New Earth .

Building New Earth, is like a blank canvas, we can pretty much whatever we want, within reason, because there’s a lot of land to build this project, & it’s up to us what we want to build. So, ideas are welcome, donations of materials, anything we can recycle & up cycle, wood, windows, doors, furniture, old household appliances & equipment, like speakers, tools, indoor/ outdoor lights, etc. please offer what you can, & if it’s of use,
It’s welcome.

Good things come to those who sponsor New Earth, get involved, & you’ll be a part of this ever expanding support network of a like minded Tribe, Gods warriors, the 144 who are breaking free from the Matrix, & creating an off grid self sufficient community, ascending to higher levels of consciousness, rooting with the earth, creating the world we want, together, to build a New Earth, as the prophecy’s predicted.

By becoming a sponsor, you’ll get many benefits in return, including access to our Organic food farms, & New Earth network.
The level of support will differ for each individual.

Sponsor an artist, or Sponsor a stage, & the possibilities are endless! The more we can access, the better we can build, the more talented artists will come, the more stages & spaces on the land we can create, for us all to enjoy.

Sponsor the garden, & we can grow organic food @ New Earth, in abundance, & make our community self sufficient & self sustainable.

Thank you for your continued support.

Sponsorship will differ for everyone,
donate here 👉🏽

Or email;
to arrange a call with New Earth crew.

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