AI facial recognition

So why is AI art here now?
It’s always wise to ask questions.
AI is here because in 2023 Digital IDs & a cashless society are coming.
QR codes to enter supermarkets, for only those up to date with vaccines, & who have downloaded their face to AI to enter with their personalised QR codes, digital IDs.
The Government want to Track & Trace our every move, in a Dystopian Big brother style surveillance system scam.
If you’re jumping on the AI bandwagon, you must be ok with facial recognition, & giving the government a scan of your retina.
Gods give us all free will.
We are at a crossroads now,
choose God Source energy,
or go full Transhumanisim into the AI surveillance agenda.
The end goal is microchiping our brains,
Elon Musk & Bill Gates are working together like the good cop, bad cop to implement this surveillance system.
There’s nano technology in the MNRA clot shot, there’s nano technology in the chemtrails, & 5G rollout will ensure the technology will be fully activated.
It’s not just AI art.
Wake up Neo.
I’m personally unfollowing anyone promoting AI.
Be prepared for apocalyptic times, be self sufficient, grow food, build New Earth.
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