AI false light

AI is exposing all the false light…. ✨
It’s incredible to observe, all the self proclaimed gurus, with inflated egos, fall into the AI trap.
False prophets are everywhere, and are being exposed in this seasons book of revelations.
Observe, look, watch, everything is being exposed.

Everything about AI feels very distorted & wrong. Falling back into the endless cycle of amnesia,
death & rebirth, because of attachments to this body.

Creating an AI avatar,
spending too much time online,
to get extra dopamine kicks,
in the form of likes,
still so attached to self image.

Where has it all gone wrong?

When something feels off, it usually is.

Enjoy the show, as all the false light prophets expose themselves. 🍿

The words of God are coated in truth, & Love,
anything that’s not of God, that’s not true, that’s false, will be exposed.

Look inwards for Light,
God, Truth & gurus,
because it’s not outside of you,
you are your own guru.
Your truth is within.

It was hard to watch so many fall for the convid scam, only to fall straight into another trap,
AI is not our friend.

If only people realised that the simulation is created by AI, that the world governments follow orders created by AI, that it’s not man who’s controlling the narrative, it’s AI. The Governments receive orders from AI, it’s not man we are fighting in this war on consciousness,
it’s AI.
AI facial recognition is not our friend, don’t get sucked it!

Wake up Neo.

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