Shakti, The Divine Feminine Cosmic Energy

Book a session with Shakti Ji,
Inter-Dimensional Guide/ Psychic surgeon.

Shakti offers loving guidance & empowerment, to step into our Power, & stay there.
Acquire tools to feel grounded with Mother Earth, & connected to our Higher-selves.
Learn Sacred Mantras,& mindfulness, w/ breath work & meditation, for self healing,
& ascension of higher consciousness.

❤️Shakti offers;
✨Mediation Courses
✨Shamanic Healing
✨Lightcoded Source Activation,
✨Kundalini Energy healing
✨Estatic Dance,
✨Sound Bath
✨Cacao & Sacred plant Ceremony,
✨Yoga & Healing retreats,
✨Balance, unblock,
& activate the chakra system,
(Opening & activating the Third eye chakra).
✨Learn Tantra, Mantra, Yantra,& Mudras.
❤️Shakti Women’s Circles,
✨Workshops & Courses
✨Spiritual guidance
✨Event Management

Book here ✨❤️👇🏽

Follow Space Connection on telegram 🪄❤️👇🏽

#shakti #shiva

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