You do it to yourself

It would be really great, if we could just look inwards, for a few moments, to realise the harsh truth, that, we do it to ourselves!
Yes I! 🙏🏽❤️

If we are still blaming others, for our own stupidity, stuck in an ego trap, playing the victim, it’s time to stop that! It’s Not a good look my love! ❤️

It’s really easy to blame everyone, point fingers, deflecting any responsibility, it’s cute,
but it’s time to man up, babe! ❤️

Would you believe me?
if I said, you have free will,
& choices, in every given moment.
& that It’s either Ego, or Soul who chooses.

We have no control, however, of the outcome of those choices, we can just choose.
Or wrong.
Or bad.
Will I.
Won’t I.
Fuck it. ❤️

From our choices, our actions, there will be an opposite, & equal reaction.

There’s nobody to blame at all really , if we are coming from a place of compassion & empathy, but it’s most important that we have the awareness not to project blame on others, remember, you do it to yourself, after all! ❤️

The pause is good for everyone, in any given moment. ❤️
Pause & reflect. Before you project.
Take a moment. Breathe & pause, before reacting.

Consider all timelines,
that all exist simultaneously.
All we must do is choose one, & take full responsibility on taking the necessary actions to step into that timeline.
Nobody’s going to choose it for you.

What timeline are you choosing?
The higher timelines,
or the lower frequency timelines?

Higher timelines, requires us to step up into the best version of ourselves, so we can maintain that timeline.
We may have to do some inner work to grow & heal, in order to raise our consciousness & lift our vibration, to resonate in higher alignments.
Light. Love.

The lower timelines are easier to attain, where we can be toxic & not have to evolve.
Stay stuck & stagnant.
The place of ego,
blame & projections.
Self sabotage.
The lower entity timelines.
Dark. Fear.

Every moment of the day we have choices. We are the only ones responsible for those choices.

You do it to yourself,
you do, you & no one else. ❤️

Ego deaths are two for one today only @space_connection_

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