Ego death & chill

When the Ego death hits….one becomes the Observer, humbled, quietened, reflective without judgement.

A challenging & necessary part of the Spiritual awakening, is our deep rooted healing, & the ego deaths that occur in order for us to see ourselves, & our own self sabotaging patterns, the realisations that, we do it to ourselves.

We are the masters of our reality, we created this reality we reside in, with our thoughts, & the ownership is mirrored inwards.

Ego death allows chance for Rebirth, it’s not only necessary, it’s Liberation, it frees us from the shackles of society’s expectations.
We give ourselves permission to be the true versions of our Divinity.

The biggest ego trip of all, is transcending our ego.

Does this resonate? ❤️
Ego death & chill…@ Space Connection

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