New Earth commUnity grow days • November’22

Super excited to invite you to New Earth,
Grow organic food, manifest the life we envision…. ✨
• Grow days • 19,20, 25,26,27 November’22 🌱
~ Preparing the land;
Building raised beds;
Clearing space for future growing;
Cleaning; Pollytunnel building;
Brain storming;
CommUnity hot Organic meals provided.
Come prepared for Irish winter mucky weather, New Earth is on a large off grid farm, in Westmeath, address will be giving to committed volunteers & kept private.
Reach out if you wish to park Campervan, or find local accommodations.
This is a community growing project, to grow organic food on a mass scale, in preparation for upcoming events in society.
✨New Earth is a non government funded project, Donations welcome ✨
Calling ALL Sovereign Sisters & Brothers,
Horticulturists, Skilled labourers, Carpenters, Builders, Artists, Starseeds, Rainbow Warriors,
The 144 Magic people, New Earthians,
Welcome Home… ❤️☀️❤️
Get involved,
New Earth offers so many opportunities…
• Apply now, send email with skill set to:
☀️ Get involved, Build New Earth ☀️
• You will get out of this project, as much as you put in….
• Opportunities include
• Live in stays
• Retreats, Wellness, Growth, Ascension, Roots
• Sacred Safe sober space
• Mother Natures gifts
• Community Connection
• Work studio space, create your arts
• Workshops; Facilitate or attend
• Learn new skills
• off grid experience
• Magic ✨
• Love, Family, Support ❤️
• Become part of New Earth Festival Crew
• Perform, Showcase your arts & Talents
❤️ @ New Earth, the possibilities are endless..
✨ Does this sound like your scene?
Connect now, find the others ❤️👉🏽
New Earth is a Space Connection production ☀️
Music by @porangui

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