New Earth guidelines

New Earth is a wild camping community gathering, here’s what you need to know, & bring;

Wild camping, means that the 30 acres site is off grid, it’s vast, with trees surrounding, & off the beaten track. Surface is uneven, it’s a large field areas, with some shelter. There is a designated camping area, but you can camp virtually anywhere you find a nice space. Cars are permitted to park next to tent to a certain point in the designated areas.

New Earth is a wide open space, that gets hot in the day, and cold at night, wet when it rains. Be prepared for all weather conditions, it’s an irish farm after all.

Water should be brought onsite, avoid having a limited water supply, so bring enough water for the weekend, for drinking & washing with.
(At least 5ltr a day each per person, or as much as you can carry, to contribute with New Earth Community.)

New Earth is a journey of grounding, supported in a loving, open minded space, held within a community of like minded souls, magical artists, musicians & starseeds. Find your Tribe.

Everyone attending will be encouraged to join in Tribe talking circles, and participate in New Earth activities & workshops. Connect with the community.
To participate in workshops, no alcohol should be consumed prior, or no entering workshops. New Earth Tribal gathering encourages to abstain from alcohol, & chemical drugs are strictly forbidden onsite, please respect this. Celebrate Mother Nature & her abundant gifts. Be respectful of the community, & especially aware of children. Drink responsibly, or not at all

There are over 40+ live acts/ performances/ workshops over the 3days/ nights.

Opening ceremony is at 18:18 Friday 26 August’22, gates into the campsite open at 11:11am for ticket holders & campers. Music begins at 4:20pm- 1:30am FRIDAY.
Saturday night music will continue until 3am; closing ceremony is Sunday 28 August’22 @ 00:00. After hours campfire acoustic is welcome. Campsite closes for New Earth Tribal Gathering Monday 29th August’22 @ 13:13. To stay longer, after the event, contact New Earth crew.

New Earth is an Non judgmental space.
What happens at New Earth, stays at New Earth.

Please ask for permission. before recording or taking photos, respect people’s personal space.

Open minds welcome.

There is a security firm, & medic onsite.
New Earth has a full crew working, any questions, ask the New Earth crew, look for crew T-shirt’s, & welcome centre.

Please read all signs, for directions to navigate New Earth. There are portaloos, & off grid wash area. The site is very dark at night, there will be tower lights until lights out. Bring torches , battery lights, solar power lights, there is no electricity onsite. We have generators.

There is an off grid out door cooking area, bring all kitchen utensils, plates/bowls/ cups. Campfire cooking is permitted, as is camping gas cookers. There are food vendors, & coffee vendors too. Bring enough food & water for duration of stay. Clean up the site as we go along. Do no harm. Leave no trace.

No atm onsite. The closest atm is mulingar, 15km.

The community are encouraged to use inner initiative. Every action will affect the entire community. Be mindful, & take personal responsibility & personal liability.

New Earth is a conscious Tribal gathering, not a commercial festival, It is not encouraged to drink alcohol or take drugs, although alcohol is permitted, it is not available onsite. BYOB drink responsibly. Drugs are forbidden at New Earth, anyone off their heads will be removed.

Workshops will be on throughout the day, you are welcome to join any class, To participate in workshops, no alcohol (or drugs) can be taken for the day of & day before workshop. During workshops, intense shamanic practices are followed, for healing everyone participating must be sober.

no glass bottles can be brought onsite, & ALL chemical drugs are forbidden, anyone who’s considered on drugs, or too drunk will be removed from site by security, & not permitted back onsite. 👇🏾

There is a harm care reduction point to recover and rest in the wellness sanctuary onsite.

Bring any extra food , water, clothes, camping, rain gear, welly’s. essentials you will need. The closest town is Mullingar, & shop, which is 13km from site. There are no direct busses. Everyone knows their own personal comfort needs. Bring what you need to be off grid for at least 3 nights.

This is a family friendly gathering, with kids area. Bring toys if you are bringing kids, kids must be accompanied by adults at all times. Bring sun shades as it’s very hot,& open space/ or rain gear, depending on weather. Kids will need extras, bring them.

Please respect the New Earth ethics, let’s be good role models. This Tribal gathering is about healing & connecting, not being disconnected.

Energy work, Shamanic circles, Kirtan,Yoga, Etc is sacred & should be treated as such. Please respect those healing. No alcohol in the wellness sanctuary, or kids area.

To value our healing we must respect our body as it is our Temple.

Please respect these guidelines, To fully gain from the New Earth experience.

New Earth are lifting restrictions to welcome a wider community, and not further divide. However, prior to the event, & post event. New Earth is a vegetarian sober space, no alcohol onsite after the gathering, or during the build please.

New Earth will be maintaining a high pure vibration on this healing weekender, please respect those who wish to retreat, & rest. This isn’t a rave, it’s a Tribal Gathering.

Before we arrive to New Earth, set positive intentions, be prepared for an off grid experience, living in community.
Eat wholesome food, grounding vegetables, & drink plenty of water.

Bring enough warm clothes, weather is unpredictable. Bring welly’s, waterproof gear, tents, camping equipment. It’s encouraged to bring your own cutlery, cup and dish for community meals. There are Portaloos onsite but no running water showers , only off grid camping cleaning areas. Bring what you need to feel comfortable.

Sun is shining, may long it last, bring sun protection, shading, sun umbrellas etc.

Everyone will take full responsibility for self, and will be asked to sign a personal liability disclaimer on arrival.

Leave no trace, please clean up after & bring garbage home. Separate recycling in bins. No burning plastic. Campfires welcome. Bring home as much garbage as you bring onsite.

No masks & social distancing, please respect that. New Earth is Sovereign.
New Earth is old school.
Free hugs on arrival.

There will be portaloos, off grid toilets.

Workshops will be held in Wellness Sanctuary, other spaces include, Campfire sessions (main stage/ stretch tent) marquee, & various spaces to chill out around New Earth.

New Earth is a community Tribal gathering , all of the Tribe will be encouraged to get involved with community tasks. There’s plenty to do around the site, wood to be collected for fires, water fills, & help in the kitchen is welcome. Get involved.
Many hands make lightwork.
If you see a community member needs assistance, please offer assistance.

Please respect that the address will only be released to ticket holders, do not post publicly the address, or give it to anyone. if you want to bring friends , they must first purchase a ticket. Don’t give the secret location address to anyone who doesn’t have a ticket.

There is no electricity on site, so no phone charging outlet. We have a generator but it’s not to be used for battery charge. Bring solar charger, spare batteries, or turn phone off for the weekend. Talk to each other.

Each person is responsible for themselves, make sure to have flash lamps, water, enough food/snacks.

There is no shop onsite. Drinks will be available , & food. Bring extra food /drink.

Crafts market will be onsite.
Bring enough cash for 3 nights.
No atm until mulingar.

Fly pitches welcome to sell crafts on the Sunday, with fly pitch fee onsite.

New Earth is an off grid, wild camping, retreat & community gathering event. Tickets on website

26/28 August’22 (arrive from 11:11 Friday morning, can stay until Monday)

Love each other, & have fun. ❤️

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