Own it

I’ve come to the realisation that we need to stop giving the New World Order any energy, the more we talk about it the more we manifest it for them. It’s not real, it’s a simulation, monkey Bollox & everything these actor’s promote is a sales & marketing technique, they’re selling the NWO, & anyone who uses their buzz words are repeating mantras and will manifest them. Best to say, I will own everything & live in infinite abundance for my highest good, & the highest good of humanity “ rather than their, you will own… don’t say it, it’s a magic spell. This is the ascension of consciousness, the third eye chakra of the planet is now in Ireland. Be in control of what we manifest , by being in control of what we feed our subconscious. We are all going to have to stop talking about what we don’t want. The Revolution is in the Solution.


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