New Earth Wellness Sanctuary

New Earth Wellness Sanctuary Presents;
“Be Kind Industries”

…who believe in sourcing the most ethical, and natural plant medicines available, Be Kind also have a wide range of sustainable clothing and spiritual products.

Celebrate all things health and wellbeing with Be Kind’s collection of wellness, and spiritual products, capturing the spirit of sacred Wicklow, Ireland.

Detoxify with specially formulated medicinal mushroom tinctures, relax/ destress/ settle down with flavoured CBD drops or vape if that’s your thing.

Focus, and sharpen your mind, enter a space free of distractions, or bad energies, with tribal mapacho rapé to detox both body & mind and clear your energetic field.

Settle in with our brand new, luxury, hand rolled, temple grade incense , encapsulating our favourite landmarks and sacred sites of Ireland’s garden.

Ancient recipes, mastered for centuries with passion and intention, encompassing endless health benefits , handed down from dedicated tribes, and shared with us.

Come on a journey of wellness & discovery and take one step closer to a better version of yourself.

The Truth is in the Experience

Come find us at our stall, check out the collection, maybe purchase a sustainable tee or just share the love, have the craic and giz a hug!

New Earth tickets on the website

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