New Earth is a conscious Tribal Gathering

New Earth encourages sobriety.
There won’t be any alcohol served at the event. Substance abuse is not advised. BYOB.
There’s strict no substance rule for the wellness sanctuary, anyone consuming alcohol will NOT be permitted to take part in ANY workshops.

PsyCare Ireland: Harm Reduction and Welfare is an Irish-based organization whose mission is to support members of the Irish public at festivals,who may be experiencing difficult psychological experiences, or difficult drug induced experiences.

Our focus is on preserving & protecting the mental and physical health of the concert going public. Our main methods for achieving this in particular but not exclusively are, the provision of music event welfare services, the provision of non-judgemental harm reduction information & advice, &the provision of crisis intervention services. PsyCare Ireland is a run by an experienced team of Doctors, Psychologists, Health Professionals, Care-Givers and Festival Lovers alike.

New Earth tickets here 👉🏽

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