Galway Street Club

New Earth Campfire Sessions presents; Galway street club @galwaystreetclubmusic
Formed in 2016, Galway Street Club are a collective of Street Musicians hailing from various corners of the globe who came together after a random jam on the Cities famous Shop Street. With members from Argentina, Russia, New Mexico, Texas, Germany, France & Ireland, Galway Street Club play a highly-energetic & varied set, you can expect Blues, Rock, Ska, Folk, Americana & Trad played like you’ve never heard it before. A Galway Street Club show is a voyage. A voyage on a ship where the party never stops and the rum never runs dry. All are welcome aboard, just bring a story or a song.
The band have brought their show to 8 Countries, playing in over 50 cities & towns, countless festivals and have shared stages with acts such as Madness, Alabama 3 and King Kong Company. Catch them @ New Earth 26-28 August’22

“It’s Madness of the highest degree watching these play live, they’re the type of band that if you had an instrument with you and you joined them on stage they’d be only too happy for you to play along” –
New Earth tickets here 🔥👉🏽

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