Spiritual snobbery

Do we suffer from Spiritual snobbery? Have we forgotten that we are all ONE? I am you, & you are me.
That means we make the same mistakes, in order to learn the same lessons. Have we lost the run of ourselves, on the long road to enlightenment?
Have we become egotistical, & judgemental of our sisters & brothers, that we see ourselves as better, more spiritually advanced, do we think we are more enlightened, & they less? There is no they, only one!
If we answer yes to those questions, we may just be stuck in an ego trap of spiritual snobbery!
We are all children of God, on the same journey, with many different roads, leading to the same place. Some feed the light, and some feed the darkness, but both exist in all of us. Have you forgotten where you came from? Birthed from the Mothers womb, into this Earth to find our way home. Life is like a spiral, we keep coming back around to the same point, only further down the line, when lessons are learned. If we aren’t learning we repeat lessons until they are learned. Have we come to conclusions on the journey, that we are as enlightened as can be, and judge those who aren’t as wise as we? Spiritual awakening can come in many forms. Some take the sober route, having realised that substance abuse didn’t serve them, others go vegan, some drink to let go, and eat meat to gain strength. There’s not one way to reach heightened states. One might have an experienced that changes their way of thinking, others can sit in deep meditation for long periods, to realise the same thing. Who are we to judge another’s journey? Has the spiritual community become selfish, and closed off, not allowing anyone in unless they agree on everything? Forgetting that diversity is the medicine that heals us, that we all carry a piece of the puzzle? Gods children have turned against each other, and validate being spiritual snobs by claiming to be mightier than thou, realising higher states of consciousness, without staying grounded. A New Earth is blossoming, a place of freedom for all, yet many self proclaimed gurus are creating restrictions within this, further trapping themselves in old earth 3D thinking. To break free from the shackles, we have to remove the need to be right. To be better. To realise Christ consciousness is to know we aren’t enlightened, we are simply one. Everything is perfect, in Divine order. No mistakes, only lessons. https://t.me/spaceconnection

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