New Earth Escatic Dance

Rob and Ingrid, bring their loving ‘Sunday Solas’ energy to the New Earth, inviting you to join them in a
free flow dance experience to connect with yourself on this ‘new earth’ dance floor. They will guide you through this journey with voice, dance and music creating spaciousness for you to explore. Ingrid shares the floor with you, holding space through the movement while Rob weaves his seductive beats,
tribal rhythms and alchemizes the space with sounds that will invigorate the Soul. Rob Anthony is a DJ, Music Producer and Life Coach at He thrives on turning his passion into
purpose by inspiring others to unlock their true potential harnessing the powers of collaboration, synchronicity
and flow.
Here is one of his latest mixes from their bi-weekly ‘Sunday Solas’ events.
Ingrid Zygute is an artist and a dance practitioner, is for those who wish to expand their self-awareness.

Book tickets on

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