Controlled arts

It seems every aspect of our lives is controlled by the government, they even control the arts, the way we express ourselves, & how we have fun.

The Government controlled the closing of the arts, for the past two years through bribing artists with PUP payments & promises.

Now the Government have reopened the arts by throwing ton loads of money, for massive commercial events & festivals.

Last year you couldn’t go to your friends house for tea, you couldn’t hug your granny out of fear you’d kill her, with a mysterious virus that’s yet to be identified, isolated or purified. You were not allowed enter the state without proving health with invasive PCR tests, you couldn’t sit in a restaurant without being vaccinated, you weren’t allowed into the cinema without papers, and you couldn’t enter the cafe or shops without a mask, while being told to inject yourself with mystery DNA altering juice.

You couldn’t have a social life, and had to close your businesses, reduce the number of community allowed enter premises, not seeing friends or loved ones as you isolated yourselves.

You weren’t allowed travel beyond 5km, or mix with those “outside your bubble” all in the name of safety and the new norm. Complying to the communist control, the majority didn’t question it.

Then the Government decided it was time to let you all have fun again, blow off some steam, controlling where, when, what times, & how much fun was allowed.

The restrictions were lifted, and it was deemed safe to go to government arts council funded events & festivals, social mixing with 30,000 + people off their heads,in a controlled environment.

Because science.

Entertainment is what controls the masses, give them take away food & Netflix while taking away their freedoms, give them large events with flashy lights & expensive stages, illuminati paid artists & they won’t complain about the lockdown.

With just the right measure of entertainment, the Government can control the masses, giving them the illusion of freedom with controlled opposition concerts and government funded events & fairs.

Where does that leave the independent artists?

The community?

The ones who won’t sell out for fame or fortune?

The artists who stayed quiet because they were paid to during the treasonous fake pandemic, are now being highly paid to entertain. Totally controlled and used by the arts, but just egotistical enough & hungry enough for fame, that they take the check.

Artists who have major platforms stayed hush about us loosing our civil liberties, during a fraud campaign staged virus psy op, all stood in line and took the jab, so they could perform again, not to save them from a virus, that nobody can prove exists, much like those who took the jab to travel again, the people with no survival skills, who can’t break out of the matrix, who injected themselves to get controlled freedoms back, who sold out to the government handlers.

The arts industry is controlled, and its dimming the true expression of what the arts should stand for.

Are we Allowing the government to control and fund our social life entertainment, while the can lock us all down any minute as the sign the rest of our rights away to the WHO treaty pandemic?

Have we just protested against the government tyranny for two years, or not, only to forgive them because they reward us with a controlled event for concert?

Independent artists, and small independent businesses don’t stand a chance to compete with large festival corporations & government rules and regulations.

The Government have taxed everything we do, so as to make it difficult for us to start independent initiatives. They’ve created rules and regulations to put ppl off.

The day we allow the Government control the arts is the day the music died.

Artists must be brave enough to break away from the government oppressors & stay independent and true to what the arts stand for, which was never to be controlled by any government.

Social distance for two years, controlled social life for the new norm. Do people even realise how much the government influence humanity, manipulate us through arts & entertainment, or shall we have to the right to remain ignorant?

New Earth is an independent group of artists, who refuse to apply for government funding, & is committed to building a parallel & independent society.

It maybe a longer road, but we will be free and liberated in our expression, & on our journey.

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