New Earth Drum Circle W/ Drum Dance Ireland

New Earth presents;
Drum Dance Ireland.

Welcome to our world of drumming where the star of the show is YOU.

Drum Dance Ireland offers interactive drum shows, a drum dance show, large size drum circles with 50 djembes, plus workshops and playshops for all age groups and organisations. Interaction.

DrumDance is an easy-to-follow dance fitness workout where participants can follow our dance instructor along to popular songs while simultaneously playing drums which creates enormous power and energy. DrumDance is fun & suitable for all ages and abilities. 40 bass drums plus drum sticks are provided.’

‘Come and join Chico Boom & Bella Hoolie for a drumming extravaganza you won’t forget. Fully packed with games and activities that are fun for everyone this 45mins. interactive show will leave you with a smile and the certainty that everyone plays an important part in this drum circle with a difference. Express yourself, laugh and sing with everybody else.

New Earth weekend camping Tickets here 👉🏽

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