Luscious Kerry

I’ve traveled the world, only to find my favourite place on my doorstep, it’s where I feel most connected to, at peace. The sacred activation station of Galarus, in the Luscious Queendom of West Kerry, Ireland. Not far from the New Earth gathering site.
Bringing me Back to my roots, home.
There’s something magical & mysterious about this divine space, I feel I have come here in every lifetime to Worship the Sun Gods ☀️ a place I’ll forever pray in, as a Guardian of the land, with so much gratitude for the ancestors who built this.
A place I feel entirely connected to, timelessness exists there. & for some reason they never charge me to enter, so I feel welcome, and so I leave my Blessings & prayers, Lightworking with the ley lines. Thank you ancestors for marking these energy sites for us to tap into for healing & activation. All the sacred sites are activated now, tune in. 🙏🏽❤️🔥✨
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