Sobriety is the spice of New Earth

New Earth is a conscious gathering, that means no alcohol!

The gathering will be strictly no alcohol, & anyone who doesn’t honour that will be asked to leave, any alcohol found on arrival at the ticket entrance will be confiscated, so please respect that this is an alcohol free zone.

At New Earth we believe that Mother Nature has everything we need to live in abundance, & will be celebrating life with a Cacao bar, Mocktails & offering delicious Vegan Indian Chay, & organic Veggie Food.

Sobriety isn’t a punishment, it’s a gift. We can fully enjoy ourselves & experience movement & dance, without having to be unconscious.
Being able to fully enjoy a conscious experience.

New Earth offers two stages, of live music performances, DJs, Escatic Dance, & the Wellness Sanctuary will host many Yoga styles, Meditation, Kirtan & educational Workshops to immerse ourselves in,there will be so much to get involved with,we won’t miss alcohol.

We will leave New Earth feeling better, revitalised & alive.

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