5D Ascension ✨

Ascension to 5D is a journey we walk alone, until we align with more Starseeds who are actively healing & raising the collective consciousness.
We match frequencies on the ascension journey, sadly that means that we loose others who aren’t in alignment with the same vibration we are.
If your feeling lonely on the journey of ascension, remember that Christ walked alone until only 12 apostles joined him, who were also raising their vibration to Christ consciousness.
Keep praying to God, keep doing the inner self healing, cutting karmic contracts, healing & clearing toxic habits, until it becomes self mastery.
Not everyone has the stamina to face their inner demons, and go through the dark night of the soul, this ascension journey ain’t for the weak.
Pray for those who are struggling & we we must walk away from, knowing that everything comes full circle & everyone are doing their best from their level of consciousness. ✨
Love will save us all. ❤️
Remember that Some people are students, some as Masters, we are all are learning. It’s not competition to 5D, it’s a state of mind, tune in. 👽
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