Cutting off my tongue only means they fear what I’ll say next… they fear how unpredictable I am! 😆
What if I told you, I haven’t even began to talk… so much to say… my activated throat chakra has gotten me in & out of some sticky situations, so far, to say the least. #whatshesay 😳🤣
What if I told you, they took down 54 of my pages, & I’m censored since the lockdown days the past year… which inspired me to buy a giant speaker & microphone & stand in the street talking truths… calling out peadophile rings & crooked politicians… I did ya know! 😆 #shedidnt #shedid
What if I told you, my pages on Facebook were reaching up to 1.5 million people every week, before I got banned off FB, YT, & now instasham & tellasham have me censored & only show a handful of followers my posts, they’ve taken loads of my pages down, including my last Space Connection page with 4K+ followers a few weeks ago! #damn
Too much truth, she’s too lippy ! 😬😂
What if I told you…. * beeeep *
You’ll have to keep following for the rest … 😂❤️👉🏽 @space_connection_

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