100% ❤️

You know, when someone does well in the comnUnity, it actually benefits the entire community?

What if we all clapped for each other, instead of Jealousy, fighting, pulling ppl down, & hating on each other?

Imagine if we all agree to disagree, knowing we can always find at least one thing in common with each other?

If we decided right here right now, to UNITE against the common enemy, that means left, right, middle, high up, or low down, all came together, against the overlords, that are enslaving us all equally?

What if equality existed, and we didn’t see colours, Nationality, race, Religion, age, left, right, we just saw people’s Souls.
Gods children?

Imagine if when someone in the commUnity did wrong, we returned to Brehon Law,the community decided how to best deal with it, & help that individual heal, learn, & grow from their mistakes, what if we practiced forgiveness?

When Humanity does two things we can have a better world;
Heal, & dissolve the Ego.

Love will Save US All. ❤️



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