The fake movement

The truth movement is full of fake people seeking attention by spreading misinformation.

Far from truth & full of lies & deception.

Those making the most noise don’t care about facts, & jump on anything they hear that fits their narrative, like flies to shit 🪰 💩

Anything for likes and attention.

Attention seeking adults who spend too much time on the internet, who never meditate, haven’t traveled much, don’t study & watch too much tv, will say or do anything for the dopamine kicks they get from internet likes & attention.

The truth / fake/ snowflakes movement have lost all sight or reason to why they started in the first place, mistaking attention for success.
Internet fame this week, the brunt of fabricated gossip the next.

It’s pathetic & delusional.

What’s real anymore?

Nobody will remember your name, when they’re all dead.

FYI, the Government are trying to kill us all.

it’s all inverted.

Couldn’t make it up.

RiseUp Éireann

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