Divine Feminine Friday 13th

13 is the Sacred number of the Divine Feminine,
13 moons, 13 months, 13 cycles….

The war on the WOMBan started many moons ago, the suppression of the Divine portal between worlds. Demonising the powerful Womb.

In ancient times, the High Priestess were renowned leaders, held & supported by the Druids & men.

The patriarchal system is now outdated, & crumbling.
Humanity will return to the worshiping of the Womb & the Divine Feminine will lead with grace to build a New Earth, based on ancient principles.
The women who have healed, will help heal the men, & lead them back into heart
Shiva is consciousness, Shakti is manifestation, who activates the Divine masculine.
Shiva is unpowered without his Shakti. The mans seeds is useless without the Divine Feminine’s Sacred Womb portal.
Together they are whole.
Respect & honour to all the Divine Feminine’s out there, May we stand in our Divinity & power, & be held & respected in such regard.
The woman is the portal between worlds, & should be treated as such.

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