Space Connection Bealtaine Retreat & Pilgrimage

Space Connection has been retreating, & on pilgrimage, crossing ley lines @ 7 Sacred Sites, the past week, celebrating Bealtaine, & travelling over 2,000km + around Ireland. From Gallarus, Kerry, to Beachmor 7 Stone circles & Cairns, Tyrone, to Bealtaine Sacred Stone circle, Donegal, to Loughcrew Cairns, to the Hill of Tara, To Uragh Stones in Kenmare, to Drombeg stone circle, Kerry. This journey has brought so much clarity, downloaded so many insights, meditating in Éireann’s most prominent & important sacred sites, giving thanks & praying, receiving full kundalini activation, remembering who we are, Powerful beings of infinite Light & Love, & potential. Retreating with wise old souls, returning to self, setting boundaries, & stepping into our full power. With the blessings from our Highest guides & Gods guardians, & with the gentle message that, we have permission to rest, & be. The Spiritual journey is an intimate one, not to be explained outwards, nor seeking validation, but to be embodied by embracing our true nature. We must remember to allow each other the space to breathe when expression of self is essential to our growth & self realisation. Many who are awakening get stuck in ego traps, with God complexes, it’s really important to remember that we are humans having a human experience, & everything is perfect. God will direct us exactly where we need to be, & steer us away from where we aren’t supposed to go. Trust the plan, God always has a plan for us, Surrender to it. 🙏🏽❤️✨🔥

Stay connected to Space Connection for updates on our next retreats & events 👇🏾

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