New Earth Wellness Sanctuary: Laughter yoga

New Earth Wellness Sanctuary presents;

Marie Angeline Lascaux
Director Springintolife
Author “Inner Gift, A guide to Self Healing”

Laughter Yoga bypasses the intellectual systems that normally act as
brake on natural laughter.
Here is a clip of my interview with Nicky Byrne and Jeny Green on RTE

Am invitation to allow participants to gradually to be more playful.
The more you allow yourself to laugh and be playful, the more likely you
are to experience genuine and contagious laughter.
Laughter in its simplest form is a series of deep inhalations and
exhalations. The session ends with a Laughter Meditation and guided
Participants feel connected to each other after laughing together and
this invites continued conversation after the session has officially

Earlybird tickets available on the website

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