Meditation Station

•• Meditation Station ••
Tune into Higher states of Consciousness.
Book a Guided meditation workshops, with Shakti Ji holding space via zoom, or in person, group or private sessions
Relax into divine states of consciousness, for 1 hour of Meditation Station weekly for 1 month (4x 1.5 hrs a week).
Learn meditation techniques & tools to connect with self, & the flow of Nature, in this workshop we will learn, Sanskrit Mantras;
Chakra balance & activation;
Meditation techniques etc.
In current chaotic times, we are being challenged with a bombardment of information, as we are learning new ways to navigate our way through unchartered territories, leaving us feeling overwhelmed, off balance & ungrounded.
This can mean, that we are not present, often stuck in the past or future, but not in the present moment, the Now.
By practicing a daily meditation discipline, we acquire tools, & strength, to stay Present, balanced & grounded, no matter what situations we must deal with on life’s journey, to remain connected to higher Source Energy, & remain in higher frequencies, & higher states of consciousness, & activate our Kundalini energy.
The Yogi way of Life, is to remain in a constant state of meditation.
With Ancient Meditation tools, we can master ways to connect with, inner stand, & utilise our Energy, to tune into, & to trust our own inner knowing, our intuition, connected to our Higher Selves.
Meditation Station is an hour to tune into higher states of consciousness, relax into higher frequencies, practicing Ancient Sanskrit Mantras, & receive Lightcoded Activation, to aid in opening channels & chakras, to unblock stagnant energy, let go in order to reach higher vibrations.
Practice Ancient Eastern Yoga Breathwork techniques, & learn ways to use our breathe, to altar states of consciousness, induce astral projection, & shamanic journeys, reach higher dimensions.
Meditation Station is an hour of Higher Frequency, Higher Vibrations, in alignment with our Higher selves.
Join in group circle, for Meditation Station, via Zoom, or for private 1 to 1 Sessions with Shakti

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