A Yogi Guide to Enlightenment ❤️

A Yogi guide to Enlightenment ✨❤️

To participate in Space Connection Retreats, & Cacao Ceremony;
Discipline & Diet requirements are to be followed
(for at least 4 weeks prior & to be continued after retreat for further training)

Namaste Starseeds, we are so excited to be embarking on this journey with you!


The diet starts today if you havent already started, today & from now on, you become strict with what you eat, drink and put into your Body!

•No dairy
•No meat
•No processed foods
•No sugar
•No gluten

Avoid Chili, anything hot/spicy
-No Soft drinks, soda
-No coffee / black tea
-No Soy Sauce
-No Pickled foods
-Avoid onion and garlic
-No Spices

•Only organic plant based diet of vegetables & organic fruits; organic ingredients; Brown rice; Spelt pasta etc
•No cigarettes
•No alcohol,
•No drugs
•no pharmaceuticals.
•Drink 2ltrs well or spring water (no tap water)
•No chemicals in diet
•No chemical cleaning products
•no fluoride in toothpaste or water

•Meditation & spiritual practice every day 1 hour; creating temple
•Chanting 1 jappa mantra daily
(108 times mantras chanting)
•Spring Clean house & environment, change sheets, bath prior to retreat.
•Exercise training 5 days a week ( Yoga; Martial Arts; Fitness Training; Walking; Running 5-10km )

-avoid Oils/fried foods/fats (when cooking, it is ideal to use water instead of oil, if you use oil, than only only a drop or two)
-It is also important to avoid sexual contact (including self-love or stimulation of any kind)

Some practical things for the retreat:*
– Please bring warm clothes (thermal clothes).
– Bring comfortable clothes, clothes you can stretch in and sit comfortably in
– And shoes or trainers you feel comfortable walking in as depending on the weather we can go for hikes.
– Bring blankets, and towels

Other requirements
For women, most forms of birth control are permitted to be taken, but please ask your shaman if the birth control you take is allowed.
If you have any questions regarding whether a medication/drug you take is acceptable, please contact your shaman.

Now following these guidelines, you will be prepared for a life-changing Shamanic healing experience, & Lightcodes 5D Activation ; Relax, Meditate, and Enjoy!

Before Enlightenment ,
Chop Wood, Carry Water.
After Enlightenment,
Chop Wood, Carry Water.



Next Space Connection retreat is for Bealtaine fire ceremony, in Donegal 6-8 May’22 book on website ,

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