Remembering our way home

Everything in life is bringing us closer to remembering our way home.

Everyone we meet are our teachers, & there are valuable lessons to learn, if we pay attention.

Awareness is crucial, and to be present in the moment, or we may miss what’s infront of us.

Something’s happen that seem really difficult, but can be our best lessons, & teachers, & what shape and mould us.

Don’t attach to regrets, people, places or things.

Just observe.

Once in a while, we are presented with marvellous opportunities, but it’s our attachments that can self sabotage.

Expectations can lead to disappointment. Often by expecting situations to be different than they are, we miss out in what’s meant for us.

Our need for control is an illusion, as we never have control, we only have choices.

Once in a life time opportunities can be missed by our delusional need to control situations, by our past trauma & experience, we tend to want to measure & compare, which is another sense of control.

When we realise that each experience is unique & each encounter is a lesson, we can let go of the attachments, expectations & the need to control.

Becoming the observer without forming judgement may be a difficult task for some, but if we can let go of the fears that hold us back, we may just find, that everything happens for a reason, everything happens exactly how it’s meant to, & no experience defines us.

In that knowing we may realise, how everything is actually perfect.

The key is to let go.

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