New Earth Music presents; Bubbashakes

New Earth Music Presents;


Bubba Shakespeare is an Irish Rapper/Singer
Born to add value and show you why you are Class!!
Bubba Shakespeare has been a staple in the Cork hip-hop scene for over a decade. He spent this time developing his craft, performing extensively and tending to his inner garden. His EP ”Understanding My Shadow” represents a lifetime of growth not only as an artist but as a man.
He overcame addiction, stared suicide in the face and turned that poison into medicine by channeling theses struggles through his art.
His most recent tracks have been designed to express falling in love with his light.
Bubba has performed at the likes of The Cork Opera House, Electric Picnic and Glastonbury (U.K)
He has opened for Acts such as The Rubber Bandits and The Original Rude Boys.
Bubba is an established front man,, Host for The Labtv Ireland on Facebook & YouTube

Early bird tickets available now on the Space Connection website

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