Tralee Town Public Meeting ‘19

In June 2019 Shakti, of Space Connection & RiseUp Éireann, hosted Tralee town public meeting, which was attended by All the towns council, the Mayor, & local TDS & politicians, along with 350+ members of the local public.

The Space Connection committee addressed many concerns we had about the decline of Tralee town & offered solutions on how to combat & fix those issues. One of our main concerns was the implementation of 5G in the town & we requested an independent review on the dangers of 5G, to which Pa Daly Sinn Fein TD & Norma Foley, Minister for education, took the initiative to conduct independent research & study into the 5G dangers. We never received the results, even after many requests. Within 6 months of the public meeting Covid rumours had reached Irish shores.

There needs to be a public meeting held in every town in Ireland now.

Every politician, the Mayor, the Garda, all HSE staff, & the schools needs to be put on notice for liability for Treason.

RiseUp Éireann

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