Crops not Shops

Crops not Shops Movement, Growing Food, Connecting Communities 💚

There’s no commitment to sharing, or how much crops we grow, basically the aim is to grow as much food as possible in as many places as possible, in anticipation for what’s to come with how the economy is going. Crops not Shops is a way to connect all the gardens & communities, a network. Every individual project is different, Crops not Shops have models to work from, and this networking community who can inspire & support each other. As the project’s develop, there’s room for expansion, development into various sectors of what the communities involved can offer, we can promote & produce our crafts from the development sites that will be created, & connected, which will open up opportunities for barter, & trade, co operatives to be created etc. Crops not Shops aims to inspire and empower communities to grow organically & build New Earth, each member of the community will have their own unique gifts to share. There’s room for creating events, workshops, Forest schools, & festivals etc also, with a network of open minded communities.
First we establish land to transform into allotments, then by getting committed communities involved it can grow & grow, quite literally. Endless opportunities of what we want to do, it’s up to the communities to maintain. 🙏🏽❤️☀️💚

Crops not Shops Irish Tribe are on telegram 👉🏽

Crops not Shops Uk 🇬🇧 👉🏽

Check out the website 👉🏽

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