In June 2019 we held a town meeting in Tralee, one topic was to test for dangers of 5G radiation poisoning. Ppl were reporting pains in their teeth from fillings, pains in chest, flu like symptoms. In June ‘19 I traveled to Uk,in Liverpool Street in London I felt sick.
They were testing 5G towers.
My whole family got sick again in November 2019, when my father got 5G in the house.
The entire country of Ireland,& Uk were sick, but nobody was testing for Covid yet, PCR tests hadn’t arrived yet.
Event 201 was in November’19.
Covid 19 has never been isolated or photographed,it’s a myth. 5G was turned on in 2019 and has been making ppl sick since. That’s almost 3 years 2019-2022
5G is making ppl sick, but is it killing them? It’s radiation poisoning, resulting in a flu. Ultimately humans are detoxing, and ultimately it’s from the poison we put into ourselves, ultimately we do it to ourselves. Humanity is detoxing. Death rates haven’t changed in ten years,population has increased in ireland,not decreased.

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