Cacao Ceremony & Sacred Sound Bath, Dublin

Join Sacred Starseeds, Lightworkers, Earth Angels, Magic Sisters & Brothers, Allow Shakti Ji to hold space for this Divine circle. An evening working with the Spirit of Mama Cacao, infused with, Lightcoded Activation, Sacred Sounds, Light-Language Mantra Singing, Shamanic Energy Healing, & CommUnity. 

A New Earth is here, & Gaia is Ascending into the beginning of a New Age, that requires a fresh perspective, clear minds, & to let go of the stagnant third dimensional outdated codes, that have kept us trapped in lower vibrations.

The Spirit of Mama Cacao will aid us on this journey, while bathing in the Cosmic sounds of frequency healing. An evening of higher consciousness, we will sit in Sacred ceremony, & give Thanks, for gratitude is the magic ingredient for positive manifestation. Aquire self healing tools, & receive Shamanic healing, jump into the portal for ascension to 5D & Kundalini Activation, as we light work our way through the subtle body with sound.

Space Connection secret location, Dublin, 11 March ’22 @ 19:00-20:30. Spaces are limited, book fast to avoid disappointment. 🙏🏽❤️ After booking, email Shakti for confirmation & address;

Book on homepage 👉🏽

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