Covid 19 is a hoax, 5G is the killer

Hard to believe that 3 years into this ppl still believe covid exists.

SARS COV-19 has never been isolated or photographed, that means it doesn’t exist.Does anyone care? Ppl love drama thou.

5G towers went up in record speed during the fake pandemic, around the same time the bio weapon jab was released & injected into humans.

The Bio weapon jab & 5G are connected,it’s nano technology.

If it’s never been isolated or photographed,then what are we talking about?

Coronavirus means the flu.The same flu we have always had every flu season.The flu is the body’s natural way of detoxing. When humans ingest toxic chemicals, eat GMO chemical food, drink chemicals in the tap water, and chemical alcohol & cigarettes, chemtrails, they will have to detox the organic system,& will get the flu. It’s not rocket science.

We campaigned against 5G for many years before the covid hoax, warning ppl of the EMF dangers, that will cause flu like symptoms.

It’s very concerning that ppl leading the movement believe covid exists

RiseUp Éireann

Space Connection is in telegram , are we connected?

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