The real virus are the Peadophiles

There is a Rape Crisis centre in most towns in Ireland, who give support, & Counciling, to victims of rape, & sexual abuse.

The Rape crisis centre hold the records of every victim of the peadophile rings in every town, but they delete files after ten years!

Victims are told that if they mention the name of the abuser, the councillor is then permitted by law to make a criminal report to an Garda, so they warn victims of this, & recommend they don’t give them name, further silencing the traumatised victims.

95% of sexual abuse cases don’t make it to court, and although the Rape crisis centre hold files of all the evidence given in Counciling by the victims, this information is NOT given to police, and is NOT held beyond ten years, apparently. Although it often takes longer than ten years to get these sexual abuse cases into court, 95% of sexual abuse & rape cases, in Ireland, never make it to court.

The Rape crisis centre are re- traumatising victims in the outdated methods of talking Counciling, with little or no after care for traumatised victims, many who suffer from CPTSD, depression, anxiety, & other mental illnesses, as a result from the sexual abuse.

Why aren’t the Rape Crisis centre & the Garda exchanging records of sexual offenders, & potential peadophile rings?
Why is there such a big cover up?

Are the Rape crisis centre effectively silencing victims, by not reporting to Garda, & withholding files, later shredding files?

Why is this such a taboo issue, that nobody wants to talk about? Often victim shaming, & victim blaming, while sexual predators continue to abuse?

By not talking about it, we are giving sexual predators the green light to pry on anyone they want, because they know they’ll most likely get away with it!

Be brave, victims, it’s time to speak out, & be heard.

There’s a peadophile ring in every town, & they are prying after our children.

Save our children

RiseUp Éireann

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