Triskle symbol meaning

RiseUp Éireann

There is a long description of what the Triskle symbol means online.

Basically it’s representing The Holy Trinity; Cycles of time in forward motion; Enlightenment;Divine Feminine & Divine Masculine in balance with Source/ God; Revolution; it’s a protection symbol given by our ancient Celtic ancestors, when working with symbols we attract more of what we intend. Symbols are neutral, it’s all about the intentions in which they are used. We want freedom, abundance for our highest good, Revolution, peace, love, Unity, solutions, connection to God & our higher selves, clear guidance etc, working with the symbols amplify attracting more on the same frequency & vibration, & it protects us from lower vibrational energy & entities. This particular symbol, the Triskle, is very relevant to the time we are in now, in book of Revelations, we have reached this ascension of the Holy Trinity. One must realise Christ consciousness. Light work with the Triskle will allow us to unite on a higher vibration. Everyone can keep their identity, and unite by using Triskle, & then everyone can see we are part of the organic people’s movement, & not shills. Triskle has a much longer explanation online. One only has to realise, ask our higher selves for the answers. 🙏🏽❤️🇮🇪

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