Beware the deadly night variant 🦠

Ireland needs to wake up from a deep coma.

There are Irish bars open all over the world, except for in Ireland right now. Tragic.

The Irish bar industry is on its knees, the Irish entertainment industry has crumbled, death by obeying the government.

Usually In ireland, bars don’t get busy until night time, 8pm is the usual beginning of the night, not the end.

Bars & restaurants only opened to the double jabbed, and now are closed again. That’s what’s happens when we blindly obey a tyrannical government.

Good luck getting through the second quiet Christmas season. Many bars haven’t survived the last lockdown, any bars that opened are only doing so under covid passes.

The whole things a total train wreck.

The man flu has closed all the bars in Ireland 🇮🇪 the fighting Irish will be sobering up tonight, some might even realise we have been had.

Open shop.

Civil Disobedience is needed now.

Beware the deadly night variant!

RiseUp Éireann
RiseUp Éireann

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