Christ Consciousness

Realise God

Usually I would write and blog a lot more on Space Connection , but the past 5 months I’ve been in hermit mode, deeply looking in, self healing. I can’t find the words to fully grasp my experience, so I chant, pray, and sit in silent meditation.

The truth movement is a harsh movement, & it’s taken its toll.
There are more lies & misinformation in this movement, than truth.
More fake people, than real.
More rumours,& lies, than facts.

It all gets too overwhelming, being in a constant flux of the judgment of being in the public eye.

Everyone’s a critic,
not everyone can critically analyse.

I’ve been accused of things I haven’t done, leaving me in a vulnerable state, having to defend myself. Some have threatened me, threatened my family, others have even assaulted me.
All for speaking my truth.

I wonder is it worth it, to speak out against crimes & injustices.
There’s a lot of backlash from the public. I’ve lost my friends and family by speaking truth.

If the last 2 years have taught me anything, it is that we really can’t trust anyone, and there’s nobody coming to save us, we must be our own saviour. And that truth is seldom popular, society are more impressed by ego and material things, than honesty, truth or love.

So I pray to God.
My only judge.
The only saving grace.

Recently I was gifted these two books. The Holy bible, and the recovery guide bible, for addicts in recovery.

This year is the tenth year of my sobriety, having stopped with the alcohol & drugs session, so many moons ago.

When I sobered up, I started to practice meditation every day, and eventually I was reaching higher states of consciousness, realising Christ consciousness, & I started to quote the bible, book of revelations, but I’d never read it.

I was connected with Source, & it was channeling through me.

I spoke to a Jahova witness friend who told me I’m quoting Revelations, to which I told her, this is Revelations, everything we are experiencing now.

So she gave me the Holy Bible as a gift.

Then today I was gifted this other book, which includes the ten steps to recovery & explains the bible in simple terms.

My relationship with God & the goddess is all that matters to me atm. Not what ppl think of me, or rumours or assumptions about my life.

God is my only judge. My only saviour. In God I trust, have faith and Love.

To those who are seeking guidance and light, I say to you, find God, & believe, & God will protect you from the evils & darkness.

When given this book today I was told, to always keep the bible open on the temple in house, that it will keep the darkness away. Sound advice.

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